The company I work for, Public Knowledge LLC, is a small business with 30 employees.  We are a management consulting firm with an opportunity in the Reno/Carson City area, and are looking for candidates.  We know there are qualified candidates out there who are looking for a job but we cannot seem to find them!

This really is a good opportunity for a strong candidate to get involved in a consulting career.  Our current employees come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds including MBA’s, MPA’s, Psychology, Math, Finance, Organizational Development, IT and Computer Science, Communications and other analytical courses of study.  The position we’re hiring for is entry level, full-time, and can start immediately.  I’ve attached our job description.

PK NV Job Announcement



Louise Volpe

303.346.8022 (home)

303.513.5969 (cell)

Public Knowledge, LLC
Management Consultants