You can do it all. In just 10 days.

Join us in Peru, Iceland, & Philadelphia to gain hands-on industry exposure, check adrenaline-rushing adventure excursions off your bucket list, experience an exciting indigenous culture, receive academic credit, supercharge your resume, rediscover your passions, and more.

** Note: All of our programs are filed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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Iceland: Renewable Energy    Peru: Water Resource Mgmt     Philadelphia: Sustainable Design

May 16-25                               May 22-31                                 May 24-June 1

May 23-June 1                        August 7-16                               June 21-29

May 30-June 8                                                                          July 19-27

June 6-15                                                                                 

August 1-10                                                                              

August 8-17                                                                              

Find your passion: Our program attracts students who are curious about the world and seek opportunities to adventure, break out of their comfort zone, and stand out among their peers as a global citizens. We exist to use the world as our classroom in order to give meaning and purpose to education, adventure, and life.
Redefine your comfort zone: The interdisciplinary nature of The GREEN Program empowers our students to grasp creative leadership, teamwork, personal growth, and to step outside their comfort zones.

Jumpstart your career: Student-driven Capstone Projects are framed as entrepreneurial ventures catered to students’ interests and academic pursuits. Capstone Projects are presented to faculty and industry professionals at the end of every program.

Volunteer & get involved: Engage and work alongside members of local community and schools to bring sustainable development solutions to life. Join us in our mission to make a difference.
Receive credit & real-time experience: Engage in co-developed GREEN-specific courses with our academic partners & complement these classes with exclusive access into the destination’s leading industry facilities.
Get your adrenaline going: Our bucket-list adventures foster leadership and personal development while our itineraries are packed with authentic cultural experiences.