The College of Engineering has two volunteer events coming up, and we really, really need you to volunteer! Free food will be provided!

Fall Call (Monday, April 3rd through Thursday, April 6th 5 p.m.-8 p.m.):

During Fall Call, current Engineering students make phone calls to high school seniors who have declared Engineering majors at UNR. We provide a general script and Callers will provide information and are encouraged to talk about their experience in engineering classes, clubs, and organizations.

If you are available some hours on one night or a few hours every night that week, please let me know your availability. Dinner will be provided each night!

If you love UNR and the College of Engineering and would like to share your experiences with next year’s freshman engineering class, please contact me ASAP!

The link to sign up for Fall Call is right here:


Engineer’s Day (Tuesday, April 13th – Early Session 9:50am-11:25am, Late Session 11:45 a.m.-12:55 p.m.):

Engineer’s Day is approaching fast, and we are in NEED of student volunteers to lead tour groups.

We are looking for over 20 tour guides for the early session (9:50am-11:25am) and the late session (11:45am-12:55pm). Student volunteers will lead a small group of interested students to demonstrations in the Engineering and Mackay Science’s buildings. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to talk to the students in their groups between demos.

Tour guides will only need to lead from room to room, as the demonstrations are staffed. Tours start in HREL 109/110 and we ask Tour Leaders to arrive 20 minutes prior to the tour start time. If the tour leaders have an engineering t-shirt, a Nevada t-shirt, or just a navy blue t-shirt to wear that day, it would be appreciated. Snacks will be provided!

The Link to sign up for Engineer’s Day is right here:

If you are interested in either of these events, please register on Give Pulse ASAP

You may sign up for multiple shifts.