CEE 750 Structural/Geotechnical Seminar – Friday 3/2 from 12 to 1 in SEM 344

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CEE 750 Graduate Seminar: Structures/Geotechnical

March 2, 2018, Friday 12 to 1 pm, SEM 344

Open to all students

Spatial Variability on Liquefaction-Induced Differential Settlements Using Scaled Shake Table Experiments

Milad Jahedorang

PhD Candidate, University of Nevada, Reno

In this research, the effects of spatial variability on liquefaction‐induced settlements were examined. Some numerical studies conducted to demonstrate the effects of spatial variability on liquefaction‐ induced settlements (Montgomery and Boulanger, 2016), but there are no experimental dataset provided in the literature. In 2011 Christchurch earthquake, there were case histories of differential settlements which contributed to the spatial variability of the underneath soil profile (Bray and Dashti, 2014). Therefore, the need for quantifying the effects of non‐uniform liquefiable soil layer on liquefaction induced differential settlements seems inevitable. Scaled shake table facility at the University of Nevada Reno was used to exert uniform dynamic motion. Uniform cyclic input motion with average PGA 0.1g for 6 to 8 seconds applied in longitudinal direction. In this study, we are planning to conduct six experiments with different liquefiable soil layering to capture the effects of non‐uniform liquefiable soil layer on foundation and free‐field settlements.

3D-FAST: Three-Dimensional Fourier Analysis of Pavement Structures under Transient Loading
Farzan Kazemi

PhD Candidate, University of Nevada, Reno
3D-FAST is a finite-layer model to compute pavement mechanical responses under dynamic (i.e., time-variable) non-uniform load of any shape. Surface loads, including vertical load and braking shear loads are discretized into waves propagating in time domain and spatial domains employing three-dimensional (3-D) Fourier transform. This transformation allows 3D-FAST to integrate the frequency-dependent material characterization with the harmonics composing the surface loads. In the model formulation, the main unknowns are displacements, and all other responses (i.e. stresses, strains, velocities, and acceleration) are determined based on the displacement field. The layer interface boundary conditions were incorporated into 3D-FAST
and may be adjusted to account for interface slippage.

Engineering in the Real World~ Tonight 2/27 at 7 pm in DMS 105

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The Theta Tau, Professional Engineering Fraternity, is hosting “Engineering in the Real World”, a Q&A panel of professional engineers. Speakers will include engineers currently working for Tesla, GE, and Saarem Consulting Engineers, who are all engineers at various stages of their careers.

The event will be TONIGHT Tuesday, February 27, 7:00pm in DMS 105. Open invitation and free food!

Madani-Gordaninejad Speech Competition ~ 4/9 at 5:30 pm at Ansari Business Room 106

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April 9, 2018 • 5:30 pm
Ansari Business Room 106

Dr. Faramarz Gordaninejad recently retired from the Mechanical Engineering Department. As part of
his legacy, he established the Madani-Gordaninejad Speech Competition in memory of his wife, Azita
Madani Gordaninejad.

The subject of the presentation must be innovative and/ or informative and can be technical or

Quality abstracts with logical and compelling discussions of a single topic will be selected for
the final speech competition.

Abstracts due March 15th by 11:59pm • Finalists will be notified by March 30th


Submit your abstract by March 15th at

Summer Session 2018 – The Fast Facts

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SUMMER SESSION 2018 – The Fast Facts

» Registration begins March 26.
» No out-of-state tuition. Everyone pays the in-state rate in summer!
» Available sessions:
• Regular Session: 13 weeks (May 21–Aug. 16, 2018)

• Mini Session: 3 weeks (May 21–June 8, 2018)

• First Session: 5 weeks (June 11–July 13, 2018)

• Second Session: 5 weeks (July 16–Aug. 16, 2018)
» Class information available on the searchable class schedule on MyNEVADA.
» Classes available that satisfy Core Curriculum Requirements.
» Online classes available.
» Max credit load for summer:
• 4 credits for Mini Session

• 7 credits for 1st and 2nd Sessions

• 18 credits for the summer

• Request to exceed credit max with the Summer Session Overload Request form available at


» $1000 towards undergraduate tuition and fees and $1500 towards graduate tuition and fees.

• More than 200 awards will be issued.

• Students must be enrolled in at least 6 Summer Session and 6 Spring 2018 credits.
• The award application will be posted in “Supplemental Forms” on MyNEVADA from March 6, 2018 at
12:00 a.m. through
March 28, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

• Award recipients are drawn at random and students will be notified by May 3, 2018.
• Tuition Award eligibility information is available at summersession.unr.edu
» $50 Wolf Shop Book Voucher for Summer Session textbooks!

• Starting Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 8 a.m.

• Continuing Education Building Lobby 1041 N. Virginia St.
• Limited quantity available, while supplies last.

Summer housing is available! Contact the ResLife and Housing office for more information:
(775) 784-1113
Juniper Hall | 1st floor


Free lemonade and SWAG! March 27–29 | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
In front of the Knowledge Center
For more information, visit us at unr.edu/365
or call (775) 784-4652.

NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter: What’s Inside the Giant Planet? ~ 4/6 AT 12 PM

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Dr. Fran Bagenal

Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences and Research Scientist, Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics,

University of Colorado, Boulder

NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter: What’s Inside the Giant Planet?

Friday, 6-Apr-2018, 12:00 pm. Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, Auditorium, University of Nevada, Reno

UNR parking information and campus map via www.unr.edu/parking/visitor-and-event-parking

Free drawing! Professor Bagenal will sign and present a copy of her definitive work, edited with Timothy Dowling and‎ William McKinnon. Must be present to win Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites and Magnetosphere.

Launched in August, 2011, Juno’s principal goal is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter. Underneath its dense cloud cover, Jupiter safeguards secrets to the fundamental processes and conditions that governed the formation of our solar system. As our primary example of a giant planet, Jupiter can also provide critical knowledge for understanding the planetary systems being discovered around other stars. Juno probes the existence of a solid planetary core, maps Jupiter’s intense magnetic field, and gauges the amount of water and ammonia in the deep atmosphere. Most inspirational: thousands of citizen scientists process stunning pictures snapped by the onboard JunoCam. Achieving polar orbit on the 4th of July, 2016, Juno is the first to fly over the Jovian aurora; the craft measures energetic particles raining down on the planet as well as the northern and southern lights that these particles excite. Dr. Bagenal will review how scientists use radio-band Doppler shift for gravity sounding, the way that microwave absorption provides information about atmospheric composition, and how fusing ultraviolet and infrared images with radio and plasma data reveals the process of auroral emissions.

Dr. Fran Bagenal studied physics and geophysics at the University of Lancaster. Inspired by NASA’s missions to Mars and the prospect of the Voyager mission, she pursued graduate studies at MIT. Her 1981 PhD thesis analyzed data from the Voyager Plasma Science experiment in Jupiter’s magnetosphere. She spent 1982 through 1987 as a post-doctoral researcher in space physics at Imperial College, London. Voyager flyby’s of Uranus and Neptune brought her back to the United States: in 1989 she joined the faculty at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In addition to Voyager, Professor Bagenal has contributed to the Galileo mission to Jupiter and to the Deep Space 1 mission to Comet Borrelly. She heads the plasma teams for Juno and New Horizons, the first launches in NASA’s New Frontiers program. After a 9.5-year flight, New Horizons flew past Pluto on July 14, 2015.


Wolf Pack Racing Fundraiser~ At Chipotle~ 2/27 between 4 and 8 pm

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Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Wolf Pack Racing. Come in to
the Chipotle at 5144 Mae Anne Avenue Ste A in Reno on Tuesday, February 27th between 4:00pm and
8:00pm. Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the
cause to make sure that 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Wolf Pack Racing.
Online orders will not be included in the fundraiser total. To ensure your purchase is counted in
the fundraiser, be sure to order and pay in-restaurant. Gift card purchases during fundraisers do
not count towards total donated sales, but purchases made with an existing gift card will count.

7th Annual Return of the Engineer’s Brawl~ 2/16 ~5-7pm in HREL 109-110~ FREE

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7th Annual Return of the Engineer’s Brawl

Friday 2/16

5-7 pm HREL 109/110

Fly a drone through an obstacle course to get to the CARNIVAL!!



Engineering Career Fair, THIS THURSDAY (2/15)

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Come meet our 63 Engineering and/or Computer Science & Engineering employers looking to hire interns and/or entry level engineers.

For a complete list of employers visit www.unr.edu/engineering/careerfair.  All freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and grad students are encouraged to attend.

—DATE: Thursday, February 15

—TIME:  10am – 3pm



NAVAIR is hosting two information sessions.  Come here they are all about!  They are particularly interested in students majoring in Computer Science & Engineering, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.  Opportunities only available to U.S. Citizens.

—DATE:  Wednesday, FEB. 14

—TIME:  5:30pm



—DATE:  Thursday, FEB. 15

—TIME:  5:30pm


Guest Seminar Speaker Series – Thursday February 15th at 3 pm in DMS Room 103

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Guest Seminar Speaker Series

Seminar Speaker: Walter Nederbragt
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
3:00 pm, Thursday, February 15th
DMS, Room 103
From Lasers to Explosively-Driven Experiments–
an Overview of One Engineer’s Career at LLNL
Synopsis: In this seminar, the presenter will provide an overview of engineering projects he has supported from 2008 to 2018 at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This includes the design, testing, and installation of a complex hardware system used on the massive National Ignition Facility (NIF); design and fabrication of the experiments shot on the NIF; engineering support of an explosively-driven pulse-power experiment; and a summary of more recent work.
Bio: Dr. Nederbragt, received his BS and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. He has been working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), located in Livermore, California, for the past 18 years. LLNL is one of the three national security laboratories in the Federal Government’s Department of Energy. It employees approximately 7000 people

Now Accepting Applications – Assistant Civil Engineer

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The City of Yuba City is now accepting applications for Assistant Civil Engineer.

For the purposes of establishing an employment list for this job classification, the City of Yuba City  is now accepting applications for Assistant Civil Engineer.  This position performs responsible field and office civil engineering work in the planning, professional design, and construction of public works facilities and infrastructure including: sewer, water, storm drains, street improvements, and traffic signals. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with a positive attitude, excellent communication  and time management skills, and be able to effectively manage multiple assignments concurrently.  The individual must be accountable, approachable, and have a good understanding of engineering functions, while working in a team environment.

 This recruitment will close Friday, February 16, 2018 at 5:00 PM. For all the details and to apply please click below:


Do you know any qualified candidates that would be a good addition to the Yuba City family? Please encourage them to apply!

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