U.N.R. Trip – 2018 World Human Powered Speed Challenge

Tuesday September 11

6:00a                                      Leave Reno on bus (Provided)

9:30a – 10a                             Arrive Battle Mountain

10:30a – 11a                           Staff and Riders meeting

12p – 1p                                 Lunch

1p – 4p or 5p                         Show & Shine: engage with riders, engineers, bikes, etc. and possibly

opportunity to ride a bike.

5p                                            Leave for Race

7p – 8p                                   End of Race, back to Event Center

8p                                            On your own for dinner and then to Hotel room (Provided)

Wednesday September 12

 7:30a – 10a                             Morning Race

10a                                          Depart to Reno

RSVPs required! Please sign-up at: https://nevada.formstack.com/forms/speed_challenge_rsvp

Transportation and lodging are provided free of charge to students and faculty.

This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with the College of Engineering. If you choose to attend, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with your professors for any classes or coursework that you miss. Please understand that the event is not considered ‘excused by the University,’ and your professors might not be able to offer you make-up opportunities.

For more information about the event, please visit: http://landercountytourism.com/top_speed